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Cloud based recruitment software

Everything's Included

Our pricing structure is incredibly simple - every feature is included in the price. You'll never have to pay for additional features or upgrades.

1-Month Rolling Contract

There are no long contracts, setup costs or hidden fees. Scale up or down as required. You can even export your data whenever you like, for free.

Amazing Customer Service

All of our services are backed up by our friendly support team, who are always happy to help via the built-in support system. Best of all, it's included in the price.

Why does a business need recruitment software?

Effective recruitment is crucial to success - it’s almost a cliché, but what has recruitment software got to offer that makes it essential? Surely nothing that a great recruitment consultant or HR Manager couldn’t deliver? Wrong. Recruitment software underpins the expertise, communication skills and intuition of recruitment and personnel teams by simplifying processes, analysing data and delivering results almost instantaneously. Of course there are things that only good managers and consultants can do - and recruitment software ensures they are free to do them.

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