Interview Questions

Interview questions Product Manager

Interview questions Product Manager

By Jacquelyn Smith You may think how well you answer the hiring manager’s questions is what will make or break a job interview — but it turns out the questions you ask can be just as important. Becca Brown, cofounder of Solemates, a brand of women’s shoe care products, estimates t

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Weird interview questions to ask

Weird interview questions to ask

Choose a city and estimate how many piano tuners operate a business there. Asked by Google for a project-manager position. How much do you charge to wash every window in Seattle? Asked by Facebook for an online sales-operations position. What do you think of lava lamps? And Dilbert ? Asked by Boeing for an engineer position. Source: Glassdoor How many children are born…

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Answers To Common interview questions

Answers To Common interview questions

Ace your interview with these model answers to common interview questions. Photograph: Alamy Some interview questions come up time and time again so what s the best way to answer them? Take a look at our list of the 10 most common interview questions and what our experts advise. 1. Tell me about yourself Interviewers love this question as they think it s an easy ice-breaker…

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