Free Psychometric Test and results

Free Psychometric Test and results

The popularity of psychometric testing has been rapidly growing over the past few decades, especially in organizations. In fact, they have become so popular that there are over 2, 500 different psychometric tests on the market today that come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. And guess what? Their popularity…
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Examples of Psychometrics

Examples of Psychometrics

In order for any scientific instrument to provide measurements that can be trusted, it must be both reliable and valid. These psychometrics are crucial for the interpretability and the generalizability of the constructs being measured. Reliability is the degree to which an instrument consistently measures…
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Institute of Psychometric Coaching

Institute of Psychometric Coaching

With Pharmacy employers utilising Psychometric tests in determining who to hire more and more, potential employees need to understand what these tests are measuring, and what employers are looking for. When people talk about psychometric tests, they sometimes mean questionnaires,says Mark Parkinson, a business psychologist. A test is something with a right or wrong answer…

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Psychometric ability

Psychometric ability

Perhaps it was the general atmosphere of the place, or the preponderance of unnatural elements that had plagued this quest, but I was more than a bit anxious as I stepped out onto the upper deck. It was pitch black under the starless sky when I found Karl standing alone still in his nightshirt; the glow of his solitary candle cast pointed shadows across his face as he turned…

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Psychometric Exam sample

Psychometric Exam sample

Also known as : verbal aptitude, verbal ability, verbal problem solving, verbal reasoning, critical thinking / reasoning, comprehension test, literacy test, English language test. Typical length: 25-40 questions Typical time to complete: 20 - 40 minutes Verbal ability tests can be divided into tests of simple verbal ability which examine a persons basic verbal skills, and tests…

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