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Online assessments for jobs

Online assessments for jobs

90% unaware of link between alcohol and cancer Cancer Research UK News, 04/07/2016 Drinking alcohol is linked to an increased risk of seven different cancers – liver, breast, bowel, mouth, throat, oesophageal, laryngeal – but when people were asked “which, if any, health conditions do you think can result from drinking too much alcohol?” just 13 per cent of adults mentioned…

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Job interview personality tests

Job interview personality tests

Our free personality test is designed to help you in assessing how well you are likely to do in a real personality test. This free personality test is a short example of a real online personality test. Once you complete the free personality test, you will receive a personalised personality test report with some recommendations. This report doesn t match your specific occupation…

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Job Competency Assessment

Job Competency Assessment

This was the question posed on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. For those not familiar with this show, two groups of people competed over a series of weeks by performing various business related tasks. The winner would eventually become Donald Trump’s apprentice. One group was made up of people with academic qualifications. The other group was made up of people who didn’t have…

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Online assessments for jobs
Online assessments…
90% unaware of link between alcohol and…
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