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Montessori teacher interview questions

The job of a preschool teacher is quite important to the education and academic system. The job of a preschool teacher is basically to take care of the children, and hone their lifestyle in such a manner that they are ready for the world of education.
This article provides job interview questions related to preschool teaching with suggested answers for the same.

Preschool teacher – job description

A preschool teacher generally includes a nursery, kindergarten, and in some cases ‘Pre 1-A’; that is all classes prior to first grade. The person who is willing to take on the role of a preschool teacher should have tremendous amount of patience and energy.
It is sometimes said that such a job is more difficult than even a teacher in the university, simply because young children have very little idea of what it means to sit and listen, work as a group and other such basic educational concepts In the strictest sense of the word, kindergarten students cannot be actually considered to be ‘students’.

Job Interview Questions and Answers
for a Preschool Teacher

Here are some of the basic questions that are asked in a preschool teacher interview as well as guidelines to answers these questions:

► Tell us about your preschool teacher education (i.e. educational qualifications)
Any job in this world requires either a skill set or an academic degree or both. Ensure that you answer this question in a factual and concise manner. The answers that you provide may be referenced and checked; present accordingly.

► Why did you select a preschool teacher career?
Being a preschool teacher is not an easy job. And not everyone can be a preschool teacher. There has to be some aspects in yourself that made you desire such a position and that will make you the perfect candidate for a preschool teacher job position.
One of the most important aspects is that you should have a natural love for kids and enjoy helping them and being surrounded by them. There is no place for irritability, intolerance or impatience in the job and life of a preschool teacher. These are the concepts that you should bring out in the interview answers, with perhaps a brief, revealing anecdote or two.

How would you handle a particular situation in the kindergarten classroom?
This question is more or less aimed at finding out whether you can think on your feet and how child-appropriate your course of action or thought is. Describe how you handle children wanting the same toy. Or what you would do if one child ruin’s his classmate’s art project or kicks and hits.
Detail how each child is spoken to; how you focus your attention on the injured party.

► What do you think is the most important aspect that a kindergarten works on, and what is the most important aspect that a preschool teacher imparts to the child?
Education is not just teaching the written word, but it is also molding an entire generation into forward thinking, practical individuals. Also, values are the most important aspects that one can give to the young generation.
Therefore, you should be careful and answer the question with an answer that would send across the point that you focus on the discipline and values that a preschool teacher can impart to children. This is the time to arouse in the children interest in learning and socializing appropriately, while introducing them to rules and regulations.

► What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses? How would these have an influence on the pre-school?

No human being is without their strengths and weaknesses. In your response, begin and end with your strengths. Do not overly emphasize your weaknesses, and mentioning one or two should suffice. If it is something that would possibly interfere with your work, explain how you compensate. Focus on your positive attributes and how they help you perform well.

► What is the meaning of a primary caregiver to a child?
this is a term used instead of ‘mother’ or ‘father’, as many children today are raised by one parent or another person entirely, be it relative or friend. This term avoids calling attention to each child’s state. If there are children in the class whose primary caregiver is not the mother, sensitivity and forethought will allow you to tell all kinds of stories without upsetting or embarrassing children.

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