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Interview teacher questions

Remember that first impressions count. The job will not be yours if you do not create a good impression to begin with. With this in mind make sure:

  • You look smart and are in appropriate 'school' attire.
  • Arrive early. Make sure you are not late.
  • Good friendly body language will assure the interviewer that you will fit in with their school.
  • Be confident when you are answering questions. If you are not sure of the question then ask them to repeat it.
  • Ask questions yourself. You are interviewing them too. If you are not sure of something or want to know any information then ask. You need to know you are going to fit into the school and enjoy your time there just as much as they are looking at you for the same things.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I have had this question in most of my interviews. It is usually the first question that is asked and it is very important.

Before you start to tell them your life story, think! The whole interview is really about what you can offer the school and whether or not you are the best candidate. So don't tell them about your personal life because that is not relevant.

Keep your answer down to certain facts about who you are and what you bring to the classroom:

  • What values do you hold where education is concerned?
  • How do you bring these into your classroom?
  • Why did you want to get into teaching?
  • What achievements have you made in teaching?
  • What future plans do you have in terms of teaching?

A model answer could be something like this:

"I have always admired teachers from a very young age. They have always come across as people who are willing to help anyone they can as well as come across really friendly. Well, as I get older, this is how I want to live my life. This is something I noticed about how friendly the staff are here when I came for the visit a week ago."

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