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Questions to ask teachers in an interview

When you are interviewing for a job as a teacher, you will most likely get the inevitable question, “So, what questions do you have for me?” You want to be prepared with thoughtful questions. The right questions will do two things: they will show you’re interested in the job, and they will help you decide if you are a good fit for the job and the school.

Read below for advice on how to ask the right questions, and example questions.

Tips for Asking an Interviewer Questions About a Teaching Job

Make a list ahead of time. Prepare a list of questions before arriving at the interview. This will prepare you for the inevitable question, “Do you have any questions for me?” Check out this list of the top 10 questions to ask an interviewer if you are having trouble coming up with questions.

Ask about the school culture. One topic you will want to ask questions about is the school culture. You want to make sure you and the school are a good fit for each other. Asking questions about how the teachers interact with each other, what a typical day for a teacher is like, or other questions about the school environment, will help you decide if the school is a good fit for you.

Avoid obvious questions. Make sure you research the school before asking questions, so you avoid asking anything that is clearly mentioned on the website. You want to show you have done your homework, so avoid asking any obvious questions.

Don’t put yourself ahead of employer. Avoid any questions about what you will get out of the job, including your salary, benefits, and time off. Don’t ask for any special favors, such as extra days off, or a late start date. You do not want to focus on yourself, but instead, focus on whether or not you and the school are a great fit.

You will have time to ask these questions later, if you are offered the job.

Ask about multiple topics. Do not focus too much on one topic; focusing on one topic will make the interviewer think you are particularly nervous about that issue. For example, if you ask only questions about the discipline structure in the school, the employer might think you are unsure of your classroom management skills. Ask questions about a variety of issues to show that you are trying to better understand the school as a whole.

Questions to Ask the Interviewer for Teaching Jobs

Questions about the job opening

  • Why is this position open?
  • Can you tell me some of the qualities you are looking for in a teacher for this position?
  • What is a typical day like for a teacher in this position?

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