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IT Support Technician interview questions

The following sample IT support interview questions and answers will give you a quick start to your job interview preparation.

IT support technicians provide end-user support services and infrastructure maintenance. They solve and prevent technical problems in private and corporate computer systems over the phone or in person.

Job Interview Questions and Answers
for IT (Information Technology) Support Technicians

Question: Do you have experience installing and configuring hardware and software in large organizations?
Answer: If you do, answer in detail. Describe the main services you provided for a specific company. If you never worked for large organizations before, it’s best to tell the truth but describe key jobs in relevant detail to show that you have the expertise required.

Question: Did you ever work in a hardware store or computer shop?
Answer: These may not be corporate positions, but if answered correctly, such positions may demonstrate that you have the right basis to become an IT support technician. Focus on the details of technical expertise and your ability to provide good customer services.

Question: Have you ever conducted usefulness assessment?
Answer: Besides technical support, troubleshooting software and hardware, maintenance, and preventive measures, IT support workers may be required to perform an assessment of the usefulness of certain technology in relation to the company.

Question: Describe the role of analytical thinking in the career of an IT technician?
Answer: Analytical thinking is important to the technician if he is to be able to analyze hardware and software performance, integrate it with customer complaints, and draw relevant conclusions which lead to the formulation of a solution.

Question: What is the role of interpersonal communication in the career of an IT technician?
Answer: IT technicians are experts in troubleshooting computer systems. Communication in the sense of initiative oratory or leadership is not expected of them. However, they are expected to be able to communicate effectively with clients, to understand complaints quickly and provide any necessary explanations in an accessible way.

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