Top 10 HR companies in the world

Top HR Companies India

ABC Consultants1) ABC Consultants

Key People:
2) Shiv Agrawal, MD, ABC Consultants
Founded: 1969
Headquarters: New Delhi
Annual Revenue: ~INR 100 to 500 Cr
(according to online sources)

A pioneer of organised recruitment services in India, ABC Consultants was founded by Dr Bish Agrawal in 1969. With a motto of ‘Building Careers, Building Organisation’, ABC Consultants brings in a rich experience of 44 years. Being one of the oldest HR company in India, ABC generates 75% of its revenue from its existing client base.Adecco India This HR firm has a host of group businesses that offer services such as Chairman’s High Circle (catering to executive search), ABC consultants (mid to senior management hiring), Headcount (volume hiring), FlexAbility (outsourcing recruitment processes), and Headhonchos, (senior management career portal).

2) Adecco India

Key People:
1) Sudhakar Balakrishnan, MD and CEO, Adecco India
2) Federico Vione, Regional Head, Adecco India
Founded: 1996

AON Hewitt India CareerNet Consulting Global InnovSource IKYA Human Capital

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Top 10 HR companies
Top 10 HR companies

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