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Interview questions for assistant manager

Job Description:
Assistant managers help with everyday administrative tasks, which vary depending on the industry. The job requires endurance, ability to multi-task, team work, and leadership. The position is most common in sales, food, and hotel businesses. No special training is usually required, but graduates may be preferred. A flexible schedule is often available.

This article provides job interview questions with answers for assistant managers.

Assistant Managers
Job Interview Questions and Answers

Question: Tell me about your qualifications as an assistant manager.
Answer: Talk about your personal attributes, such as loyalty, integrity, ethics, ability to work under pressure, leadership and charisma, orderliness, etc. You can start your answer by giving examples; if you worked as an assistant retail manger you probably had to manage a group of people (mention exact number), hire and fire people, interact effectively with clients, and deal with client complaints.

Question: Why do you think that the position of an assistant manager is important for the company?
Answer: Be confident answering in the affirmative. The assistant manager’s role is exciting and challenging as you work closely with an executive of the company. It is a job that is all about management and applying management skills. The assistant manager often communicates with staff, managers, and customers, and directly oversees customer service. Assistant managers play an important part in ensuring profit and a good name for the organization.

Question: As part of your previous management experience, did you make reports and presentations for the senior management?
Answer: All assistant managers report to senior management. Assistant managers keep their managers updated with oral and written reports.

Question: Why do you find the job interesting or exciting?
Answer: The assistant manager’s job may be fairly routine one day and exciting the next. Assistant managers often take over the establishment (like a restaurant) in the absence of the boss. It demands multi-tasking and adaptability, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. It’s a management job with a lot of people interaction.

Question: Are you aware of the mental requirements of the job?
Answer: Mental requirements might be intensive work load, working under pressure, stress, long hours, long periods of standing up and walking, and performing administrative tasks.

Question: Do you have experience hiring and/or firing personnel?
Answer: If you do, don’t hesitate to give examples of firing people, as long as you explain your decision clearly and confidently. Further, explain you decision process on hiring new employees. Be specific and confident about your past decisions on employee hiring, professional development, and retention.

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