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Preparation is half the battle, particularly when it comes to an eLearning job interview. In this article, you'll find a few of the most common eLearning job interview questions and how to properly answer them. Hopefully, these will help you to get prepared for the eLearning job interview that might just land you your dream job!

You've spent hours perfecting and polishing your and and your efforts finally paid off. You have landed an eLearning job interview for the eLearning position you've been vying for. Congratulations are in order! But now is when the hard work truly begins, because it's time to start preparing yourself for the questions that the hiring manager will be firing at you when you're in that interview room. To take some of the stress out of this process, I'll share some of the most common eLearning job interview questions that eLearning Professionals might encounter during a.

1. What experience do you have in the eLearning industry?

Even if you have provided the employer with a plethora of work samples and talked about your past job experience in your eLearning portfolio, the hiring manager is still going to want to know more about the experience that you have gathered during your time in the eLearning industry. This can be tricky for those who are new to the field, as you may not have any past job experience. However, any internships, volunteer work, and even educational experiences can be included in your answer. Be as specific as possible when replying, and tell them about the duties, responsibilities, and skills that relate to the position.

2. What are your weaknesses?

This may seem like one of the most simple and straightforward eLearning job interview questions, but it can reveal a great deal about you. When formulating your answer, try to think of your most notable weakness and then turn it around by mentioning how you overcame the issue through hard work and perseverance. Be specific about how, exactly, you resolved this weakness and turned it into a strength. You can also go another route and make one of your strong suits a weakness. For example, you can say that your devotion to your work often makes your personal life take a back seat. This tells the interviewer that you are passionate about your profession and that you care about the projects you develop.

3. What challenge did you face during a recent eLearning project?

Inevitably, all eLearning professionals face challenges in their career at one point or another. While employers may be asking about these specific challenges, what they really want to know is how you resolved the issue. Tell them how you overcame the obstacle, the strategies or tools you used, and what skills came into play during the conflict resolution process. Most importantly, discuss the outcome and let them know how you successfully turned a problem into a solution.

4. How have you expanded your understanding of eLearning principles and technologies in recent months?

As eLearning professionals, we inherently have a constant thirst for knowledge, or at least, we should. Employers want to know if you have actually taken the time and made an effort to learn as much as possible about new and emerging, educational technologies, , etc. They want to know that you are constantly trying to improve your skills and expand your knowledge. If they ask this question, show them that you are motivated and dedicated to your profession by discussing the courses, classes, seminars that you attended and the books that you've read recently.

5. How do you handle challenging your eLearning team members or subject matter experts?

It's a known fact that professionals, regardless of the industry, may have to deal with difficult or challenging individuals from time to time. That's the nature of the business world. However, if a hiring manager asks you this question, you will want to stress your collaboration and communication skills by telling them, in detail, how you worked to resolve issues with these challenging team members. This will let them know that you have what it takes to fit into their own team and resolve any conflicts that may arise during the course of the eLearning project.

6. What was the reason for leaving your last eLearning job?

It may be tempting to badmouth your former employer when asked this question, but resist the urge and try to turn bad into good. For example, if you left your last job because the boss gave you assignments that were boring or tedious, then turn it around and tell the interviewer that you left your last position because the work simply wasn't challenging enough and you are looking for projects that test your mettle and expand your skill sets.

7. What is your typical eLearning project management process?

This is one of the most common eLearning job interview questions for a good reason: it says a lot about how you will develop their eLearning projects if you are hired. It lets them know that you are knowledgeable about current eLearning authoring tools and, and that you know how to collaborate with others on your eLearning team. To answer this question, you will want to focus on your, collaboration, and communication skills. The hiring manager needs to know that you are willing to work well with others and get the job done on time with the resources you have on hand. Give them as much detail as possible, and walk them through every step of your typical eLearning design and development process, so that they can get a clear idea of how you would handle their eLearning projects.

Use these eLearning job interview questions to practice your answers and narrow down the list of skills, talents, and qualifications that you'd like to highlight during your next job interview. Confidence is key and having these replies already formulated can give you the confidence you need to nail your next eLearning job interview. You can also use these and get the most out of each job search technique.

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