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Top 10 manager interview questions

manager-interview-questionsYou can expect to see the following management questions on your next interview if you are interviewing for positions in project management or team leader positions.

129 Sample Questions and Answers You Can Use to Get Hired for Any Job

1. How would your co-workers describe you?
Manager interview questions like this are generally asked to discover additional hidden qualities about yourself that you might not otherwise have mentioned.

“My co-workers will tell you that I am a team player and a colleague they can count on to pull his weight whether it’s a normal day or we’re in a crunch.”

2. What is your viewpoint of management?
Management interview questions like this are asked to find out what kind of leader you are. Should you ever get placed in a management role, how will you delegate the workload or teach your co-workers.

“I believe the main goal of any management position is to get things done by evenly distributing the workload to the most qualified members of the team. They also make sure that each member of the team has all the resources and training that are necessary to complete the job.

How to Write a Resume that Gets Employers Excited!

They are loyal and are always working in the best interest of the company. Their job is tough; they must evaluate employee performance, empower members of the team and be able to identify those who are not pulling their own weight.”

3. What is your definition of success?
The interviewer is looking for work related examples of how you measure success and when know you have reached accomplishment. Use a work related example and keep your answer short and to the point.

“In my opinion and as it relates to the workplace, success is a measurable variable. If you don’t measure your accomplishments, success is lost. Success can be tied to everything you do each day.

If I plan to accomplish 3 tasks before the end of the day and I do so, then I have been successful. Success simply means accomplishing what you set out to do within the parameters you specify, whether they be time, money or learning, etc.”

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Interview Questions for Managers about Failure

4. What is your definition of failure?
This question is really just the opposite of your definition of success. What does failure mean to you and how do you know you have failed within a given time frame. Keep in mind that failure is just a perspective.

“For starters, failure is an event and not a person and you only fail if you quit and I’m not a quitter. I may not complete a project on time or miss an important deadline, but that does not qualify as having failed in my book. If I complete a task, but miss a deadline, I still consider it a success because I finished, but without the desired result.”

5. Do you know who our competitors are?
Do your homework and research the company and find out who are their competitors. Management interview questions like this will quickly reveal how well you conducted your research prior to the interview.

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