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Our quizzes work in a rapid, single-click visual answer interface that we believe interferes much less with your emotional state than conventional online surveys. Here’s how it works: taken together, our methodology captures subconscious thoughts, impulses, emotions and inherent likes and dislikes. These thoughts are less influenced by contemplated responses that we usually see with conventional statement-based personality tests. We believe that this innovative method of questioning enables us to understand complex issues in a less invasive way.

Online word-based surveys and questionnaires rely on radio-buttons, tick-boxes and drop-downs menus that require hand-to-eye coordination. Think about it: all of these actually inhibit your emotional responses, and may cause stress and fatigue. Therefore, word-based surveys move you, the respondent, into a different psychological state – one that is more analytical. Concentrating on an image quiz is significantly easier than conventional verbal surveys and we’ve seen that our users like them as well – our quizzes have exceptionally high completion rates which average 80%.

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