Day 204

Maths tests for job interview

Many employers now require potential employees to take a numeracy test as part of the recruitment process. The Schofield Building Mathematics Learning Support Centre has books and practice tests available – please ask the receptionist if you would like to use these. You might also be interested in the further information listed below.

Numeracy test books

  • How to Pass Numeracy Tests, Tolley & Thomas, publ, Kogan Page, 1996. ISBN 0 7494 1839 7
  • Improve Your Maths, Bancroft & Fletcher, publ. Longman, 1998 ISBN 0 2013 3130 6
  • Practice Psychometric Tests: How To Familiarise Yourself With Genuine Recruitment Tests And Get The Job You Want, Shavick, publ, How To Books Ltd, 2005, ISBN 1 85703 978 5
  • Graduate Pyschometric Tests: Essential preparation for numerical and verbal ability tests plus personality questionnaires, 3rd edition, Bryon, publ, Kogan Page, ISBN 0 7494 4852 0
  • How to Master Psychometric Tests, Parkinson, 3rd edition, publ, Kogan Page, ISBN 0 7494 4279 4
  • How to Master Personality Questionnaires, Parkinson, 2nd edition, publ, Kogan Page, ISBN 0 7494 3419 8
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