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Intelligence test for job interview

What is Recruitment IQ Test?

Unlike normal Intelligent Quotient tests, which test IQ based on international standards consisting of 100% images and being fair to everyone, every culture (Culture Fair IQ quiz), Recruitment IQ quiz is designed on richer question forms, in order to assess not only the thinking ability on visual aspects but also IQ arithmetic calculations, memory, knowledge and spatial thinking. We can say that it is the most comprehensive test, is one of three most popular Intelligent Quotient test types in the world (Culture Fair Intelligent Quotient test – Recruitment IQ test - High Rank Intelligent Quotient test)

Which is more accurate? 100% image IQ quiz or Recruitment IQ quiz?

As stated above, the Recruitment IQ test is designed to evaluate comprehensively all left-brain’s thinking skills, but because of its precision, it leads to a problem: it is no longer fair to all cultures and to everyone including those who are illiterate, have never attended school.

Why? Simply put, a person who has never been to school will not be able to know calculation rules of numbers, addition, multiplication operations and cultural knowledge. Therefore if they cannot resolve an extensive recruitment IQ question, it is entirely possible that is because they do not know that knowledge, rather than they don’t have the ability to think logically.

However, to those who are employees, job applicants in companies, banks – i.e. those who have been through training in school, understand the rules of arithmetic, this IQ test will evaluate their argument ability most comprehensive and accurate. Hence, that’s why large companies, banks..., when recruiting for positions that need IQ logic brain, good thinking always use Intelligent Quotient tests.

Notes before taking the test:

  • The Recruitment IQ test consists of 32 questions to be done during 38 minutes.
  • Questions range from easy to difficult.
  • Should only take the test in a quiet place, when your mind is fresh to get highly precise result.

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