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Psychometric sample questions

For the statements below say whether you (a) strongly agree (b) disagree (c) are unsure (d) agree or (e) strongly agree.

1. I enjoy meeting new people.
2. I like helping people.
3. I sometimes make mistakes.
4. I'm easily disappointed.
5. I enjoy repairing things.

Assessment: A person who selects dcbca "has identified that they enjoy meeting new people, does not make mistakes and strongly dislikes repairing things".

Choose the button "more" or "least" for the statement which you think most or least describes your behaviour at work.

I am the sort of person who.

1. Has a wide circle of friends.
2. Enjoys organising people.
3. Relaxes easily.
4. Seeks variety.

1. Helps people with their problems.
2. Develops new approaches.
3. Has lots of energy.
4. Enjoys social activities.

1. Has lots of new ideas.
2. Feels calm.
3. Likes to understand things.
4. Is easy to get on with.

Someone who most enjoys organising people and least seeks variety; most enjoys social activities and least develops new approaches; most easy to get on with and least has lots of new ideas has identified that they have a wide circle of friends and least like seeking variety. They enjoy social activities and prefer not to develop new approaches. Finally, they like to understand things and do not have a lot of new ideas.

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