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Car salesman interview questions

The Car Salesman InterviewWhether you are a car salesperson now and thinking about changing dealerships or if you have decided to enter into a car sales career you will be going through a . Many readers have asked about the interview process and what they can expect during this dialogue between themselves and a future employer. I have written this post to help you get ready for the most critical part of becoming a car sales professional. The interview is a very subjective process and the rules are practically non-existent when it comes to the car business unless the dealership is part of a large dealer group that has a written procedure.

More often than not the person conducting the interview (usually a senior sales manager or General Sales Manager) will not have any formal training in the hiring and interview process. Typically they will ask the types of questions that they were asked when they were interviewed for the job of car salesman. Therefore you need to be prepared for practically anything. I pulled together information from several respected sources in the car business including my own experience to try and give you the most complete overview so you can be ready for your car salesman interview.

Objectives of the Car Salesman Interview

Your Objective: Your objective will be to get the job as a car salesman or car saleswoman. You will also want to know the commission structure and dealership pay plan including any bonuses for salespeople. You need to know the hours you will have to work and the policies regarding vacation, sick days and benefits. Whether or not they offer a dealer demo may also be important to you. These may be provided during the sales interview as part of the process, but if not they are things you will want to know before you accept an offer if you receive one.

Car Sales InterviewThe Interviewers Objective: The interviewer wants to hire the right person that will not only fit into the organization, but one that they feel will perform the duties of car salesperson on a consistent basis. They want to select the person that they feel will sell lots of cars and provide a favorable experience for their customers. They want you to succeed because your success will also be their success.

What to Expect in the Car Sales Interview

I wish I could tell you exactly what to expect in your interview, but I can’t. It can be like the Wild West when it comes to the different styles and personalities of the people that you will be talking to during the hiring process. I have heard stories that require the applicant to sell them a pen or to tell them the features and benefits of the phone sitting on the desk (that car salesman interview trick is about creating urgency). I don’t know what that has to do with selling cars for a living, but maybe you can get an idea of what I am saying about not knowing what to expect.

The person conducting the car salesman interview should be experienced when it comes to reading people because that’s what a successful car salesperson does. So the best approach to getting through the process and receiving an offer is to be straightforward, positive and enthusiastic. They will want you to open up and talk about yourself and your experiences in an effort to learn more about you, the same way we sell cars. The more you talk the more they can learn and understand what makes you tick.

The Sales Interview Process

Once you meet and exchange pleasantries the interviewer will probably give you a short overview and history of the dealership. From there they will start asking you questions about your work history and other information that was contained in your application. If there are any gaps in employment or anything else that seems us unusual they will ask for an explanation and then ask why you left. Your answers will reveal more about than you know so be careful with your answers.

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