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Walmart supervisor interview questions

Arguably the most recognizable retailer in the world, Walmart already employs more than 2 million workers across the globe. Fortunately, the company constantly seeks out new associates to work at more than 11, 000 Walmart locations. With such extensive hiring needs, Walmart maintains several unique interview and hiring practices. Job seekers can do several things to prepare for an interview with the massive department store retailer.

Navigating the Interview Process

Walmart uses both traditional and innovative means for interviewing new workers. The Walmart hiring process typically takes about three days, from filling out the administrative paperwork and participating in the actual interview to attending orientation for new employees. Traditional hiring sessions include both one-on-one and group interview formats. A Walmart store manager or department supervisor often conducts one-on-one interviews, while a human resources representative from the company may administer larger group interviews. Most of these sessions discuss job duties, work environment, proper procedures, and available rewards.

Non-Traditional Interview Methods

More unconventional interviews with Walmart include the "board game" job interview. Played in groups, the board game gives interviewees a fun alternative to more typical interview sessions. Candidates move spaces and pick up playing cards. Each card usually holds information about the company, questions for the interview subject to ask, and other directions such as asking a fellow interviewee questions or playing out scenarios. Additional interview formats with Walmart include an assessment test evaluating customer service abilities, reading comprehension, and math skills.

What to Prepare Before Facing the Interview

All Walmart job interviews cover both the personal and professional information an applicant previously submitted to the company when applying for the position. Expect interviewers to ask about previous employers, availability, job skills, and personal interests. However, most questions tend to center around the desired position. Walmart managers ask candidates if they can handle or tolerate the demands of the job. Interviewers may pose scenario-based questions for applicants to say what they feel the proper course of action may be. Following the interview process, qualified applicants are contacted to complete the other steps of the Walmart hiring routine.

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