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Custodial supervisor interview questions

An interview for Custodian position may be one of the most intimidating ways of making a first impression but it is a great opportunity to impress an employer. If you make a good impression on a prospective employer, your chances can become greater than that of a more qualified candidate but this is absolutely true!

Researching the company’s profile and background is the way to start – find out who will interview you even if you need to call up the company to ask. Practice questions that you may be asked with a peer so that you can give yourself a heads up before you appear for an interview. One question that is tricky and difficult to answer during an interview is the classic “what is your biggest weakness?” This question can throw us off which can be an advantage for “prepared” competition! So preparation is absolutely necessary.

Interview questions depend on the specific job that you are applying for. A custodian’s interview for instance, may be asked some or all of the following questions:

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What are the essential job tasks of a custodian?
The purpose of a custodian position is to maintain a neat, clean and hygienic environment. Specific duties include: sweeping and moping the floor, dusting of furniture and equipment, washing the toilets, clearing snow off pathways, lawn cleaning, minor plumbing and electricity maintenance tasks and the like.

Why do you feel that you are a better candidate for this position than the next one or the one who appeared before you did?
While I do not specifically know about other candidates’ custodian skills, I would like to highlight mine. I have deep knowledge of standard cleaning procedures and chemicals. Since I have been working as a custodian for many years, I have good knowledge of handling cleaning activities by following safe practices. I can also work under limited supervision.

Are you comfortable working night shifts? What do you do to make sure that work during the night is not affected by the natural sleeping cycle?
Yes, I am comfortable working the night shift. While night shifts are not easy for most people, I prefer the night shift as I am used to staying awake during the nocturnal hours. I make sure that I get at least eight hours of sleep during the daytime so that I do not feel tired during work hours.

How often do you believe that cleaning implements should be cleaned and maintained?
I believe that cleaning implements need to be washed and sanitized every day. This is because clean equipment and tools mean clean surfaces. If our cleaning implements are dirty, we cannot possibly make sure that our work is done properly.

Does the rule “custodians’ work should be seen, not custodians” bother you on a personal level? Why? Why not?
It does not bother me one bit. I work not because I want to be “seen”. I work because I want to contribute to the success of a company and my contribution is obvious in my work.

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