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Facilities Manager interview questions

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All of us have experienced that nervous energy in the hours leading up to a job interview. Wondering what they will ask, what is the appropriate answer for each question and how many candidates are up for this position?

The key to nailing your job interview is preparation. Through careful study of the job description, as well as the hiring company’s history and mission statement, you can learn a lot about what questions you might be asked. Once you have done your research, compile a list of possible questions and practice your response. Sometimes all it takes is one wrong answer to lose the position, so really take the time to prepare answers that showcase all that you have to offer over the rest of the competition. There are a multitude of resources, such as, regarding the interview process. But sifting through all the possible interview questions can be overwhelming. We have compiled a list of the most common questions and answers, as well as what you should be prepared to ask at the end of the interview.

1) Tell me about yourself.

This is a standard question and your response sets the tone for the rest of the interview. In preparing for this question, think about what the interviewer in looking for. You want to sell what the buyer is looking for, so be sure to match your qualifications with the specifics of this particular job. You only have 2-3 minutes to answer this question, so speak only of your professional career. Start with your present position and relate how it qualifies you for the job you are interviewing for. Example: “Recently, I have worked for ABC Company as Facility Manager for the Northeast Branch. I lead numerous projects including a workspace redesign and software implementation. Through my efforts, our division saw 37% increase in productivity and saved $1.2 million dollars in annual overhead costs.” What not to say: “My name is... I grew up in... I graduated five years ago from the..., with a bachelor's in... Upon graduating high school, I went to Denver for 5 years... I've worked in a variety of job…”

2) What are your career goals as a Facilities Manager?

This question could be asked in any number of ways, such as “What are you looking for in a job?” or “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” What the interviewer is looking for is always the same—connect the dots between your professional goals and the company. Directly relate your short and long-term goals to the job features, which will show you have done your research and are well-informed. If you know what you do not want in a position or why you are leaving your current job, incorporate that as well; just be sure not to shed a bad light on your current employer, as that will reflect poorly on you. Example: You are working as part of the facility management team and your goal is to become the assistant facilities manager in the next two years and in the next 5 years, you will be the regional facility manager. What not to say: Do not express goals that have little or no relation to the job you are interviewing for. For example, you are applying for a position on the facilities management team, but your career goal is to become the head of marketing in the next 5 years.

3) What is your biggest weakness?

This question is asked in virtually every job interview and is designed to determine your critical thinking and self-awareness skills. Be prepared to answer this question as it is designed to be an eliminator question, weeding out those candidates that don’t deal well under pressure. Try to provide a weakness that everyone can relate to and never use an example that shows inappropriateness in your job. Give an honest, confident answer and always show how you have resolved these issues, either partly or wholly. Example: “I tend to be a perfectionist, therefore it has been difficult for me to delegate to others. But I have found out that in order to develop the organization, as well as my team, everyone in the company must be experienced with many tasks.” What not to say: “I am a perfectionist and therefore, I rarely believe in anyone who can work as well as me. As a result, I avoid delegating important tasks to others.”

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