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Finance Aptitude questions

Psychometric testing companies offer a wide range of psychometric tests (aptitude tests, personality tests and skill tests) with different difficulty and complexity levels. The combination of psychometric tests you will take and their level of difficulty are typically matched to that of a graduate role in banking.

In this section, we would like to offer you an introduction to the psychometric tests that someone who applies for a graduate role in Banking is likely to get. You will learn about the type of psychometric tests you are likely to get and what employers expect to find in your psychometric test results. You can learn more about psychometric tests in our . To prepare for the psychometric test, take our and practice psychometric tests online.

The types of psychometric tests we describe here are the typical tests offered for your role, but some companies/employers may deviate from this.

Based on our extensive experience, candidates applying for roles similar to that for which you applied are asked to complete the following psychometric tests:

Personality test

There are several popular work-related personality tests. In contrast to clinical personality tests that are widely available on the Internet and measure broad personality traits, these tests measure behavioural styles, attitudes and personality characteristics that were found to be relevant and impact people’s performance in a workplace.

The personality test typically measures your attitude towards and ability to work with stakeholders, your project/task management style, your behaviour style towards other people such as co-workers and managers, your ability to cope with stress in the workplace, your decision-making style, your level of creative thinking/acceptance of change, and more. Read more about the personality test in our

What do employers expect to find in the personality test results of a graduate applying for banking?

Employers will assess the extent to which your personality characteristics match those of the role you applied for. We list below the typical personality characteristics that employers seek in graduates in Banking. As mentioned above, some employers may deviate from this list.

  • Focus on the ‘bigger picture’ and strategy
  • Initiative/proactive
  • Driven to attain results
  • Structured and logical approach to performing tasks
  • Making informed decisions based on objective data
  • Focusing on the customer
  • Collaborating with stakeholders (colleagues, managers, vendors and customers)

Personality example question

Let’s look at the following example, which assists employers to learn about your efficiency in delivering outcomes:

To which extent you agree with the following statement on a scale of one to five:

‘I often experience difficulty focusing my energy on what I need to do.’

1- Strongly disagree

2- Disagree

3- Neutral

4- Agree

5- Strongly agree

Answering ‘Strongly agree’ or ‘Agree’ to this statement implies that you are likely to be less efficient, and easily distracted by other tasks and people. Answering ‘Strongly disagree’ or ‘Disagree’ to this statement indicates that you are capable of focusing on the most important tasks, have efficient work behaviours, and are well-organised. Answering ‘ Neutral’ to this statement implies that you are either indecisive or trying to hide your personality.

Take our practice personality test online and get a detailed report about your strengths and weaknesses relevant to the role you applied for. You will also get tips on how to better demonstrate your suitability in the personality test. To get better results, you should also take our short online personality test course. The course will guide you through the necessary steps you need to take to prepare for your personality test.

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