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Assisted living interview questions

The Sunrise Senior Living interview process screens for caring and motivated individuals. Applicants with a professional interest in employment with the senior living facility must first complete and submit the necessary paperwork. Workers may submit hiring forms online or at a desired location. Hiring staff then reviews applicant information and selects qualified candidates. Many candidates receive invitations to interview within a few days, while some applicants, generally prospective managers, may wait up to several weeks to hear back about scheduling a job interview.

Group Interviews

Reminiscence care job seekers may face group interviews during the hiring process. Other methods used to screen prospective employees include 1:1 interviews with a would-be supervisor and then a second round of interviews with a location manager. During group interview sessions, workers receive general information about the company and then sit through question-and-answer sessions individually with hiring staff before receiving tours of the facility. Most Sunrise Senior Living interviews take about 30 minutes to complete. Applicants seeking reminiscence care positions may be asked to shadow current employees to demonstrate skills and learn, first-hand, about company protocol and procedures when dealing with patients.

Common Interview Questions

The interview questions used by the healthcare services company regularly touch on ethics, professional motivations, and interest in the industry. Applicants often report answering questions like:

  • "What are your greatest strengths?"
  • "How do you exemplify Sunrise Senior Living values?"
  • "Why do you want to work in healthcare?"
  • "How have your experiences prepared you for the job?"
Candidates may also field specific inquiries into work setting preferences, i.e. working as a team or individually, and about experience working with elderly patients with severe dementia or disabilities. Care givers often take on situational interview questions that assess potential behavior in certain situations. Applicants should review proper protocol for handling emergencies in assisted living environments prior to each job interview to ensure success.

Making a Good Impression

Arrive early to Sunrise Senior Living job interviews to make good first impressions. Dress in professional, work-appropriate clothing and exude a confident demeanor at all times. Hiring representatives look for workers passionate about healthcare. Applicants with experience in the healthcare industry may receive preferential treatment from interviewers. Maintain consistent eye contact, smile often, and showcase a genuine interest in the assisted living healthcare industry. Conclude each job interview with a firm handshake. Follow up a few days later with a thank-you email or letter to the hiring staff. Persistence and gratitude may increase odds of a job offer.

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