Mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering Interview questions

Interview PanelYou can always progress to a new level or a new position in whatever industry you work in and interviewing or answering questions may be part of the process.

Before applying for any new job or position research should always be done, not only to make sure that the job is right for you but also to ensure that you understand the role and the industry as this will impress the employer. In addition, when preparing for a job interview it is important to think about your skills, previous experience, and interest in the job and how well you will fit in.

Employers want to see relevant experience in relation to the job role and as the Telegraph Jobs interview questions article shows they will frequently ask general questions as well as specific questions on skills so having prepared examples of what your response will be will help in this situation.

Remember, that in an interview, it is really important to show your enthusiasm for the job role and the industry itself. The interviewer is more than likely to ask why you want the job so you must be able to answer in a way that shows you to be a good fit for it.

If you are able to speak to others that have a job in the related fields you are interviewing in, they might be able to give you an insight into what the interview was like for them. This really helps in the planning of your own interview.

Today, we are examining the mechanical engineering job sector and how to best plan for an interview within this. We have spoken to Abbie Hutty a strong female leader within this sector to gain an insight into the process involved and her personal tips. We hope this will help you in your next interview.

Abbie HuttyAbbie Hutty a young mechanical engineer who was featured in the recent launch of the Telegraph Jobs Women in Space database kindly gave us an insight into her world as a mechanical engineer working on space activity. Check out Abbie Hutty’s Q&A below and if you want to become the next Abbie Hutty follow her top tips!

1 - When interviewing for a “Mechanical Engineer” job what was the structure of your interview like?

Abbie: I joined the company as a graduate, so after an online application and some numerical and verbal reasoning tests, I was invited to attend a full-day assessment centre. This comprised further numerical and verbal reasoning tests, group and individual activities and presentations, and a technical and HR interview.

I prepared by taking some online verbal and numerical reasoning tests - just so that I knew what kind of format to expect, and by reading over some of my lecture notes from university, to make sure it was all fresh in my mind. I also researched the company, its sector and competitors so that I was well informed about the market they were operating in.

Tip: I would advise candidates to make sure that they are themselves during the interview and don’t lie. It’s a two-way process – finding if you match the company and they match you. If you are putting on an act then you may end up losing out on a job you’d be well suited for or getting a job you are not. However, it is very important to enter into all the tasks and do your best to be involved in all discussions and activities it can be tempting to hold back so that you don’t get anything wrong but if you don’t say anything, no-one can form an opinion of you - good or bad - so you won’t get the job.

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