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Pre-employment personality testing is one of, if not the most, important aspects of building and maintaining a successful organization. Research proves when a person fails in their career in more than 90% of the time that failure is directly attributed to some aspect of human behavior. Individuals do not usually fail because of lack of education, experience, training, or skills. They fail because their personality is not compatible to the behavioral requirements of their career. An organization can invest significant amount of time and money creating products or services and a successful business. However, if the wrong applicants are hired it will fail or at best, never achieve its potential. The Winslow Applicant Selection Reports will significantly increase the probability that applicants you hire will be successful and achieve their maximum potential in your organization.

Questions the Winslow Reports Answer

The Winslow Reports prepared on the behavior and attitudes of applicants will predict their probability of success in their position. The Winslow Profile measures the 24 personality traits related to success and the Winslow Reports present the assessment results in an easy to understand format. The scores the applicant receives on the Winslow Traits will provide answers to the following primary questions employers want answered:

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Is this applicant a success orientated individual?

  • Ambition: this trait score tells you if this person is a competitive, goal oriented person who has a strong desire to successful.
  • Self-confidence: tells you if the applicant has supreme confidence in him or herself and truly believes they have what it takes to be successful.
  • Conscientiousness: tells you if this person places the welfare of management and the organization before their own personal self-interest.

Will this person be a dedicated and cooperative employee?

  • Coachability: will tell you if this person respects authority figures (their managers) and willingly accepts their leadership and direction.
  • Recognition: indicates if this person has an internal motivation to be seen as a desirable person and will act appropriately to receive recognition.
  • Trust: trusting individuals are not suspicious and defensive. They openly communicate and believe others are deserving of their trusting nature.
  • Flexibility: tells you if this applicant will readily adapt to the company's methods of operation and decisions or be resistant and insist on their own.
  • Contentment: lets you know if this is a happy person with a positive disposition, rather than someone who is disenchanted with their life.
  • Responsibility: will this individual accept responsibility for the consequences of his or her words and actions or blame others instead.

What is this individual's interpersonal orientation?

  • Leadership: tells you if this individual believes they are a leader and if they enjoy managing, motivating and being responsible for others.
  • Sociability: discloses whether the applicant is a people-oriented extrovert or an introvert who focuses on "things" and avoids contact with others.
  • Exhibition: reveals if this person enjoys being the center of attention, someone who is entertaining, demonstrative and a pleasure to be with.
  • Nurturance: nurturing individuals are keenly aware of and sensitive to the emotional needs of others and readily respond with sympathy and support.

applicant_selection_2.jpgDoes this applicant meet the intellectual requirements for an employee?

  • Alertness: measures the applicant's inherent ability to learn quickly, understand complex situations and successfully solve problems.
  • Structure: indicates how organized their thinking, planning and actions will be. They will be highly mentally structured and disciplined.
  • Order: tells you if they will keep their physical surroundings, neat and orderly. They will have a place for everything and everything in its place.
  • Control: will determine if they are impulsive and talk or act without thinking, or someone who will control their impulsive behavior.

Does this applicant have the required emotional maturity and discipline?

  • Sociability: will determine if they enjoy interacting with others and will be perceived as a warm and friendly person others enjoy being with.
  • Endurance: tells you if they have the inherent physical energy and persistence required to prospect, make presentations and close sales.
  • Assertiveness: enables individuals to persuade others to do what they want and to accept their recommendations; they make things happen.
  • Tough-mindedness: equips those who must sell to accept the rejection, disappointments and setbacks that are inevitable in sales situations.

Does this applicant have an inherent sales personality?

Program Outline

Winslow Research Institute's unique Applicant Selection Programs eliminate guesswork from the hiring process. Winslow Reports will assist you in selecting the best available applicant for every position in your organization, and reduce the risks and costs of hiring.

The Winslow Internet Assessment System

The Winslow Applicant Selection Program is an Internet-based system to measure the personality, behavior and attitudes of applicants for positions and provide feedback to organizations on the applicant's probability of success in a specific position. The user-friendly system enables organizations to administer their assessment activity and have total control over the process. Winslow Research will train one or preferably two employees of the organization to be the Winslow Reports Administrator. In just a few hours, these individuals will be competent to serve as the Internet Webmaster for the organization. Following are the procedures, features, functions and components of the System.

  • Private Winslow Website: at no fee to your organization, a secure Internet Website will be created to manage your assessment activity.
  • Position Analysis: the first step is a formal or informal position analysis conducted by Winslow Research, at no fee to the client, to determine the behavioral requirements for each of your applicants positions.
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