Aptitude and Psychometric tests

  • Your ability to spot patterns/spatial clues and use them to solve problems
  • Many organisations especially finance, accounting, banking, engineering
Verbal Reasoning
  • Ability to understand, analyse and interpret written information
  • Many organisations, especially law, retail, some marketing
  • Practice tests - Profiling for Success or try SHL
Critical Reasoning
  • These are higher-level verbal ability tests, tasks could include spellings and solving word-based problems.
  • Watson Glaser practice questions available from the help desk, Learning Grid University House

How to prepare

  • Practise – first untimed, then introducing test conditions
  • Read the question carefully
  • Tackle aspects step by step, developing a strategy that works for you
  • If you get stuck, make an educated guess or come back later if you are allowed
  • Get into the habit of keeping going...
On the day

At home: Do the tests in a quiet area and make sure you have the time to complete them. Do the tests yourself – don’t use a clever friend! (You could be re-tested at the assessment centre).

At assessment centre: Work quickly but accurately through each question. Don’t get stopped by one difficult question – leave it and move on. Keep your eye on the time.

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