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Solutions Architect Interview questions and Answers

Michael Poulin of Clingstone Ltd.In different forums, LinkedIn and other professional societies we can hear an expression “Business Architect” more and more. The first association that comes to the mind is ‘Oh, this is, probably, about architects of business – the masters of companies and other firms’. The second association obviously appears in conjunction with construction architecture – if it is not about palaces and mansions, then about regular houses and buildings for sure. And at the peripheral mind, we recall about constructors, those who actually realise architectural ideas. Everything is in order, everything is OK.

Are you sure? Ask those who claim to be Business Architects what is their role in the enterprise? I assume that in 9 cases out of 10 (if not more) the answer will be something like this: “We help business managers to run the enterprise business”. Oops! Business managers are in 99% people who are taught and trained to be business administrators, i.e. people who should administer construction of the enterprise. What has happened in our society – why business architects are not in the same roles as construction architects and why we use the same word to depict actual opposite roles?

You do not know what I mean, don’t you? Here you are: in the construction industry, architects define what the building will be (by realizing the requestor’s wish) while in business (of any type) an architect is just a servant or, in the best case, an advisor to the managers who construct the enterprise. I have an answer to this, but first of all, I’d like to ask the Business Architects themselves. You will be able to find my answer in my responses to the following 10 question. Yes, I am one of Business Architects and it would be unfair to ask colleagues while hiding my opinions.

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