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Salesforce Solution Architect Interview questions

I'm working as solution architect at a insurance company thru a consultancy . I work both with internal teams(different service areas) provide solutions that fit in enterprise echo system. I do some times work with my vendor for external clients for solutioning new projects/initiatives. I'm technology agnostic, though most of my current stack i work are full stack J2EE web applications, and Integration solutions (ESB, SOA).I have good knowledge in Data modelling, ADM, Cloud based solutions and infrastructure, Creating visual models, artifacts etc. I have basic understanding in ETL, but not much of an expert in that. I do not have much knowledge in sales force Paas, but that was not mentioned in their requirements. So i'm wondering will that be an issue? I have a good idea on what Paas is, but don't have much depth in sales force offerings. I can learn it .
what does sales force focus or look in their solution architects.

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