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Lominger competencies interview questions

While it is not possible to know in advance what specific Lominger interview questions one might be asked, a job applicant can think about situations to discuss in an interview. In preparing stories or answers for these questions, the candidate should think about what action she took in her sample situation, why she chose those actions, what she would do the same or differently in the future, the results of her actions and what she learned from the experience.

The Lominger questions are designed to measure an applicant's competencies in specific business-related areas. Some of these areas include approachability, ambition, command skills, conflict management, customer focus and delegation skills. Other competences measured by the Lominger process are technical skills, listening, motivating others, organizing, political savvy, problem solving, building effective teams and maintaining a work-life balance. The Lominger interview process examines a total of 67 competencies.

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