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Nurse management is a taxing profession that few people are qualified to handle. Not only are you expected to have extensive knowledge of patient care and treatment methods, but you are also responsible for training new nurses. As you prepare for an interview with a prospective employer, research different types of nurse manager interview questions and answers to learn how to improve your chances of securing the position.

Background and Experience Level Questions

These types of questions are commonplace in interviews. In addition to informing employers of your various qualifications, your responses demonstrate the skills you have gained during your time as a nurse manager. When asked to explain why you became a nurse manager or describe the greatest challenge you faced on the job, craft a response that reveals what you have learned from your profession. Detailing a desire to heal others and underscoring the importance of diligence are just a couple of the responses that make you stand out to interviewers.

Give careful consideration to nurse manager interview questions and answers related to naming the most important aspect of the profession. Once again your response is informed by your previous experiences. Giving responses such as “I believe distributing medical care to patients is essential” or “Educating the next generation of nurses is vital to the continuation of the profession” reveals your priorities and provides employers with a sense of how you would approach the position.

Hypothetical and Problem-Solving Questions

Nurse manager interview questions and answers dealing with hypothetical situations prove difficult for some individuals. When your interviewer asks you a question such as “How do you respond when you do not get along with one of the nurses on your staff?”, you should pull from past experiences and reply with a thoughtful response. In the case of this particular question, a strong answer might be “I would get together with the nurse outside of work to discuss our differences and solve the conflict mutually.”

Do not panic at the prospect of hypothetical or problem-solving questions. While they take careful consideration to answer, the interviewer is not looking for a particular response. He or she simply wants to see that you can perform under pressure and work through difficult situations. As long as you avoid glibness and negativity in your response, you should have little problem providing satisfactory answers.

Character-Related Questions

Interviewers may ask you to reveal your strengths and weaknesses. The former elucidates the character traits you deem important to the profession, while the latter illuminates your areas for growth. When asked to detail your strengths, there are several traits or skills worth mentioning:

* Strong organizational skills

* Capable of thinking under pressure

* Values teamwork

* Effective communication skills

It does not matter how you respond to questions regarding your strengths as long as you stay positive and make your answer relevant. You are also advised to give somewhat detailed responses, as one-sentence answers rarely impress interviewers.

When asked to explain your greatest weaknesses, you should refrain from simply saying “I am not capable of communicating with patients effectively” or some other response that implies an inability to learn or grow. These nurse manager interview questions and answers are not about revealing what you cannot do. Instead, they are opportunities to specify your areas for improvement. When you reveal a professional shortcoming, you should follow it with an explanation of how you hope to overcome such a deficiency.

Use these different types of nurse manager interview questions and answers to prepare for your upcoming interview. When you provide prospective employers with thoughtful responses to their questions, they are far more likely to consider you for the position. As nurse manager jobs are often competitive, how you perform in the interview process factors heavily into an employer’s final decision.

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