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We are dashing towards the end of the year at lightning speed. 2017 is on the horizon.

This means that Christmas is knocking on the door and certain holiday traditions must be adhered to. Winter is the time for reflection, to look back over the year and assess the good and the bad. What successes have you enjoyed? What needs a little improvement next year? Winter is also a time to look forward. Who will be the movers and shakers in 2017? Which companies are going to make waves and who will the influencers be? As specialists in the recruitment market, our focus is keenly aimed at the technologies that will shake-up and disrupting the recruitment industry in 2017.

The shake up...

As video continues to take over social media as the preferred stimulus, appealing to candidates via video will increase significantly. The use of this medium in recruitment isn’t new, video interviewing and pre-screening is not fresh technology, but the prevalence and application of it will explode. Expect to see videos appearing on every recruitment website, agency or in-house, with clips on CV and interview tips, video pre-screening, job descriptions including whole teams, employee-generated content, job offers and video acceptances, and many other uses the recruitment world will adapt for the format. We also expect the incorporation of video adverts into job boards. Several have made tentative steps towards this already and means a new level of creativity for the candidate attraction market.

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Apps for smart phones will be the top focus of technological developments in 2016. Deloitte released a report earlier this year highlighting that recruitment, learning management, and performance management will all benefit from the development of apps that integrate systems (from applicant tracking, to employee exit - cradle-to-grave integration), shifting the focus from employee assessment, to provide “learning experience platforms” and “recruitment success platforms.” Clearly this will be a technological shift, but most importantly, this also highlights the cultural revolution taking place across the recruitment and HR landscapes.

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The use in software as a service (SaaS) within the recruitment world is expected to mirror the rest of the commercial world. Gartner released a report in the summer of this year highlighting that they expect the current growth in SaaS use to continue at 7.5% annually - cloud-based applications are developing and evolving with such speed we are surely only a year or two away from all recruitment data being stored and accessed in the cloud.

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And a prediction for 2017…

Traditional phone call conversations will be increasingly replaced by WhatsApp, Line, and SnapChat. Conversations are vital for recruiters and hiring managers, but we think that the initial contact is quickly shifting away from a phone call. Watch this space for a questionnaire which we be releasing shortly to gauge this and more of your opinions on how you and your business will work in 2017.

2017 is going to be an incredibly exciting year. At Broadbean we have our very own exciting announcements to make, but all in good time. Until then, we wish you all a very merry Christmas, festive holidays, season’s greetings, and a happy New Year!

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